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3911 Mary Eliza Trace NW, Suite 500
Marietta, GA, 30064

(770) 422-3603

Nutrition Philosophy

Nutrition Philosophy

Feeding your pups a complete diet without corn, wheat or soy can make him feel better.  Our goal is natural, natural preservatives, and no colors added to their food. Holistic Veterinary care works well for our pets.  Don't wait until your dog or cat is sick.  Prevention is the same for pets as for us.

With a passion, TAG says it all! TAG is an acronym for THE ANIMAL GROUP, whatever animal, we find a way to help with the nutrition. Our focus are dogs and cats. Our customers understand the need for good nutrition, we invite you to join our team!  Through our commerce, we offer other foods too.  

Supplements may be necessary at some point in your pet's care.  We offer supplements personally researched by our staff.  We believe "whatever it takes" to keep your pet's personal best!   


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